UNASHAMED is a yearly, multi-church event meant to embolden and encourage junior high and high school students to reach their generation with the gospel. Our prayer is that, as the students return to their schools, they will feel prepared and emboldened to reach their peers and unashamed of the gospel they believe in and proclaim. Join your peers from the body of Christ in our area to worship, fellowship, learn, and be prepared to reach the world that God so loved.

At UNASHAMED, our goals are to:

1. Help students understand and confidently share the gospel

2. Remind students of the world’s desperate need for Jesus and propel their hearts to respond

3. Empower and embolden students to reach their generation

4. Provide practical tools to help students defend their faith & engage in gospel conversation

SAVE THE DATE and make sure you join us for UNASHAMED next year on Saturday, April 5th, 2025, from 10 AM-4 PM at Anchor Church Palos!

The theme for next year's conference is "Only One True God." We will be diving into who Jesus is and what other world religions teach so that we can have UNASHAMED, informed gospel conversations with people of different faiths and lead them to The One True God who alone can save them. 


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